Clinic Director of IPRO Clinic Group and the dental clinic IPRO Clinic, Funchal.

Awarded with the European Gold Cross Medal, by “AEFE Foundation – FOUNDATION OF THE SPANISH GROUP OF EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT. 2012

Member of the faculty of the Faculty of Dentistry of Lisbon from 1990 to 2006

Exclusive clinical practice in the area of Implantology, Oral Rehabilitation, A.T.M. and chronic pain of the head and neck.

Graduated in Dental Medicine, by the Superior School of Dental Medicine of Lisbon (31 July 1990).

Member of the General Dental Council – GDC since 2008.

Academic Course

Professor responsible of Occlusion from the Dental Technician Course of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lisbon (1996/2000).

Guest Assistant of the discipline Occlusion, Oral Rehabilitation and Chronic Pain of the Head and Neck (1996/2006).

Voluntary Monitor in the Department of Orthodontics, treatment of patients with cleft palate under the direction of Prof. José Pereira da Cruz (1988/89).

Honored by the Professor of the discipline of Occlusion, Professor Simões do Santos and by the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Lisbon for the services rendered to this institution (1996).

Developed a PhD project, “Effect of tricyclic antidepressants on chronic pain of the head and neck”, Faculty of Dentistry in Bauru, Brazil (2004).

Course of Research Methods in Oral Medicine in the United States of America, University of Washington (1995).

Professional Activities

Has practiced professional dentistry as dentist in private practice since 1990

Dentist at the services of TAP, Lisbon, having finished his activity as clinical director of these services (1991/1993)

He performed clinical functions at the external consultation of Orthodontics of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Lisbon (1991/1995)