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Endodontics is the area of dentistry commonly called "devitalization." It studies the pathology of the dental pulp and tissues that surround the roots of the teeth, as well as its diagnosis and treatment.

How is the treatment performed?

Through a coronary opening, we have access to the pulp chamber and root canals. In these are the pulp, which may be alive or dead. By means of own instruments, it is removed, cleaned well and the shape is given to the tooth (inwardly), so that we can place a biocompatible material in the space previously filled by the pulp. This removes the infected tissue, disinfects the canal space and closes in a way to prevent the bacteria from infecting it again.


This treatment preserves the tooth, avoiding the extraction of the oral cavity, as this avoids several problems in the long term, such as chewing problems, among many others. By doing this treatment you are safeguarding the harmony as well as the balance of your mouth.