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the Oral Hygiene is the process that results from the effective removal of the remains of food from our teeth and that hinders the development of bacteria that destroy them and causes cavities and gingivitis.

The first phase removes the plaque and tartar deposited. Usually an ultrasound device is used to remove most of the tartar. Then, with the help of specialized equipment, the remaining traces of plaque and tartar which may still exist are removed.

The next step is polishing your teeth to make their surface smooth. Although polishing removes blemishes, leaving the teeth shiny, it is not limited to a cosmetic procedure. It also softens small imperfections and areas of rough texture on the teeth, protecting against a new accumulation of bacterial plaque.


Maintaining oral health is a way to avoid painful situations in the mouth and face, preventing various situations such as oral and throat cancers, oral infections of all kinds, rotting and falling teeth, gum disease and others that can limit normal day-to-day activities (such as chewing, smiling and talking).