All dental extraction surgeries, including wisdom tooth extraction, are part of Oral Surgery.
All dental extraction surgeries, including wisdom tooth extraction, are part of Oral Surgery.
All dental extraction surgeries, including wisdom tooth extraction, are part of Oral Surgery.

Advantages of Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is the area of ​​dental medicine responsible for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of pathologies of the oral cavity.

The most frequent surgical procedures are gum repair, extraction (tooth extraction), removal of cysts, treatment of periapical lesions (apicectomies), among others.

ORAL SURGERY: Treatments

Dental Implants

Dental implants act as artificial roots on which are placed single crowns or fixed bridges that perfectly replace the natural dentition. They can be placed immediately after extraction of “sick” roots or teeth and / or in the absence of natural teeth. Implant placement implies a natural or surgically regenerated bone structure.

Bone Graft / Gingival Graft

In cases of marked bone atrophy for dental implant placement, the patient should undergo a bone graft to increase bone height and / or thickness. At MINT Dental Clinic we have several techniques to perform the bone graft.

In cases of gingival grafts for gingival or gingival repositioning, we use exclusively the patient’s own self-grafted biological material.

It should be noted that post-surgical recovery happens as comfortably as possible with a post-surgical kit available to the patient and the fully personalized follow-up we perform.

Enclosed Tooth Extraction

Enclosed teeth are unborn teeth (erupting).

Non-eruption of a tooth can be motivated for several reasons, one of the most common being the lack of space in the dental arch. If not removed, the constant pressure caused by the eruption attempt can cause various problems such as the destruction of other teeth, inflammation, pain and crowding.

Normally, wisdom teeth are the teeth that most often remain included. On the other hand, there are also situations where the body produces extra teeth (supernumerary teeth) that may also have no room to erupt.

Sinus Lift

It is a bone regeneration process whose main objective is to conserve and increase the volume of bone available in the upper jaw. It applies to cases where the height of the bone in the upper jaw is not sufficient for implant placement.

Dental Extractions

The need for this treatment can be caused by several reasons, including extensive caries, large bone loss due to infection or the need to gain space in the dental arch.

Usually performed under local anesthesia, the extractions may present different degrees of complexity.

Cyst and Tumor Removal

Removal of cysts or tumors also requires the intervention of Oral Surgery. The origin of some cysts may be from an unremoved included tooth or from situations where an infection or cyst is located at the root end of the tooth (apex).

In these situations, devitalization or redesvitalization of the tooth is recommended. If the same infection persists, cyst removal must be performed surgically.

Treatment of Oral Cavity Infections

Infections are caused by microorganisms such as viruses, fungi or bacteria.

Orofacial infections may affect the tissues of the oral cavity or more specific areas such as nerves or salivary glands and when they are of high intensity and not only treated with therapy, surgical intervention is used.

You can also benefit from Treatments like:

Periodontal Surgery, Mucous-gingival Grafts, Gingivectomy, Labial Frenulum Removal, Vestibuloplasty, Salivary Gland Stones Removal, Apicectomies, Zygomatic Implants, among others.


the Oral Surgery allows to prevent, diagnose and treat lesions and pathologies of the oral cavity and attached structures. With Oral Surgery, you can benefit from an extensive amount of treatments:

Dental Implants

Bone Grafts

Maxillary Sinus Elevation (Sinus Lift)

Periodontal Surgery

Muco-gingival grafts


Extraction of Teeth Included

Extraction of supernumerary teeth

Labial Frenulum removal


Salivary Gland Stones Removal


Extraction of Sisos

Zygomatic Implants


It is usually necessary to extract teeth that have very extensive and non-restorable caries, teeth without bone support, teeth included, among others.

The field of action of Oral Surgery is very extensive including, in addition to extractions, endodontic surgery, periodontal surgery, implantology, pre-prosthetic surgery, infectious lesion surgery and oral traumatology.

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