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we are dedicated to the oral health of the youngest, children and adolescents, as well as special patients (people with disabilities)

First Appointment

It should occur around 6 months, when the first milk teeth (temporary teeth) usually erupt. The first consultation outlines the oral health program for the child.


If good oral health is observed, the child should return every 6 months. If the opposite is observed, the child should return every three months.

Milk Teeth

These teeth usually appear between 6 and 8 months of life. Between the two and a half years and the three, a total of 20 teeth is completed. If your child does not show any milk teeth after one year of life, you should contact your dentist.
Do not judge that because they are milk teeth do not deserve a double care, therefore it is important to not forget that some of these teeth remained in the mouth of the child until 11/12 years.


The consultations for this area are extremely important for the children as for the parents, because it is in these same consultations that are designed curative treatments but, fundamentally, preventive for reaching adulthood with a correct oral hygiene for a healthy mouth.


Brushing twice a day, one of these being obligatorily after the last meal

Flossing (use is recommended for children 4-5 years old with the help of a parent)

Application of fluoride

Fissure sealants (this product is a varnish that is put in the fissures of a tooth to be protected against cavities

A healthy diet rich in fiber and vitamins