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Periodontal disease should be treated early to prevent it from getting worse and end up damaging the bone and tissues that support the teeth, even causing tooth loss

This is a problem caused by bacterial infections that affects the gum and the bone that supports the tooth. Initially the bacteria cause an inflammation in the gingiva and the consequent gingivitis. If this situation is not treated, the bacteria can reach the bone and cause a periodontitis.

As a general rule, patients presenting or had presented this oral health problem are likely to present it again, which is why it is necessary to follow up with Dentists in this area. In case the problem is more advanced, it is necessary to resort to minor surgical interventions.

These two diseases are currently one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. The main cause of these diseases is plaque and tartar, and some of the symptoms are spontaneous bleeding or brushing of the gums, red gums, enlarged gums, presence of pus in the gums, discolored gums, Gingival retraction (“gingivae”), teeth sensitive to cold, bad breath and/or bad taste in the mouth, teeth shaking and separating.


The way to avoid these diseases is to do the cleanings or reassessments every 6 months and perform a good daily oral hygiene.

Sometimes there is a need to perform minor surgeries performed by the Dentist, which involves scaling, root straightening and bacterial elimination, supported by antibiotic treatment.