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Institute of Oral Prevention and Rehabilitation in Funchal, was the first Advanced Centre of Implantology and Dental Medicine being build in Funchal in 2010.

The foundation of this Institute is due to the intense professional career of its mentor, and current clinic director, Dr. Gil Caroto.

Dr. Gil Caroto made his academic career at the Dental Medicine College in Lisbon and he was then Guest-Assistant Professor and Professor of Occlusion at the Dental Technicians Course of the previous Training School, where he reconciled with the practice at the private clinic Policlínica das Avenidas Novas, on Avenida da República in Lisbon, leading the Valence of Dental Medicine.

Meanwhile, he participates in conferences in Portugal and abroad, namely in Spain, France, Italy, the United States of America, Brazil among others. In the early 1990s, he cooperate in the clinic services of the Portuguese airline TAP, coordinating and elaborating the 1st medical-legal file of this company and ending his career as clinic director in 1993.

Later, in the year 1999, he heads to the United States of America for the course of Research Methods in the field of Oral Medicine, at University of Washington, Seattle.

After being invited by the, then, President of the University Council Prof. Simões dos Santos, and with the support of the President of the Scientific Council Prof. Jorge Leitão of the Dental Medicine School of Lisbon, to continue his career in this institution, with the intention of exercising future leadership functions in that institution, he decided to return to his native Madeira Island.

Using all his teaching and clinical experience, he intends to design a complete oral health unit in all its valences.

Thus, it rebuilds a building in the center of the city of Funchal with approximately 400 square meters, where it creates a dental clinic equipped with Surgical Block, Dental Prosthesis Laboratory, advanced Treatment Cabinets according to the present specialties, and all necessary and modern conditions for the full functional, rehabilitative and aesthetic treatment of the masticatory space.

This way, it creates in Funchal the Dental Clinic IPRO Clinic with a structure to the best international level, having already been visited and praised by great national and international figures such as Simões dos Santos, Bertil Friberg, among others.

Living the present, towards the future, the IPRO Clinic offers its patients the latest technologies for oral and aesthetic rehabilitation, such as the Nobelguide system, which allows the rehabilitation of total or partial edentulous teeth with fixed teeth in only 45 minutes and almost no postoperative symptomatology. This technique is previously treated in digital models, and therefore, with all correction of possible errors of placement of dental implants, handled by computer, increasing the accuracy and safety of dental treatment at the highest level.