COVID-19 Immunity
COVID-19 Immunity
COVID-19 Immunity

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The search for blood antibodies, through rapid serological tests, is a method to identify, if an individual has already had infection with COVID-19.

What are these fast tests?

– Individual diagnostic method that detects the organism’s response to COVID-19;

– Qualitative serological tests (positive or negative), the response of the immune system to the production of IgM and IgG antibodies;

– They are quick tests because the answer is obtained in less than 15 minutes;

– We can identify asymptomatic or potentially immune people.


Negative: the individual has not had contact with the virus or is infected very recently (less than eight to 15 days). It is necessary to know if you have any type of symptoms. If so, you should contact Saúde 24.

Positive: it means that there are antibodies to the virus, so there was already an infection, but there may be no active disease, being a possible indication of immunity.

How long it takes?

– The test takes about 5 min.

How reliable is the test?

– The test has a 98.5% true positive rate.

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